Welcome to your new favourite blog. Here, you can read about life shit, love shit, and how the world is some pretty messed up shit. If you ended up here because you thought this was some seriously nasty porn, I’m sorry. If (you’re worried) you’ve got no fucks left to give about the world, you’ve come to the right place. Hop on my Complaint Train about people, dating, and literally everything else. I swear I’m funny, and only a little bitter. Hope you enjoy! If you don’t, by all means, don’t get in touch.

I’m actually sitting on a tractor because I happen to be a farmer’s daughter, so if you’re (un)lucky, I might occasionally write about actual shit. 

Not a fan of reading? Just stay and check out how good I look on my about page. Once you’ve finished drooling over my pretty face, get a grip and go read a book.

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