Think of literally anything, and I’m sure there’s a coach out there to help you with your issue. Sleep coach, cleaning coach, walking coach, how-to-organise-all-your-coaches-coach, and my personal favourite – and the absolute worst one – Tinder coach. I mean, why? Just why? I wanted to make a snarky comment, but honestly, I feel like the life of a Tinder coach is already hard enough. After all, they have to actually introduce themselves as a ‘Tinder coach’ without bursting into tears/laughter. On the bright side, my plan for the future of becoming a sassy know-it-all charging people heaps of money to just listen to me speak, is becoming a more likely career path every day.

However, before I start charging you unholy amounts of money for my – face it – priceless advice, here’s my free How To Tinder checklist:

  1. Don’t.

Thank you for coming to my first class.