Picture this: as chronically single as you are, sometimes a guy comes along. Sometimes, on that rare occasion that hell freezes over, even two guys come along. One is hook-up-in-elevators-push-me-against-the-door attractive, the other one is good-looking in a cute kind of way (every guy – or you know, the occasional guy that gets lost on this blog thinking they’ll find some form of weird porn here  – cringes when reading this; cute, that’s downright insulting). One leaves you on read, doesn’t really care, only calls up when he’s feeling it. The other one is a guy that would treat you right, buy you dinner and flowers, and text you in the morning. Guess who you pick? Time to get rid of this Bad Boy Complex – like, maybe tomorrow.

It is really unfair for all the Good Guys out there, I know. Believe me, your time will come. There will be a day girls will stop choosing fuckboys, but for now it will always be next Monday. Bad Boys are like carbs, drinking on a Tuesday, staying up till 3am watching Netflix; you know it’s bad for you, you know you shouldn’t, but you just can’t resist. There’s a dullness in eating chicken and veggies, and doing 6am gym sessions, but those are the things that make you feel good, not only in the long run, but literally straight away. So why do you choose hangovers and being exhausted over being fit and well-rested? It’s the thrill, the adventure, the Imme be the one to change him-complex; people think it’s only guys that fall for the Damsel in Distress, but girls do the same. They fall for the guy seemingly no-one can have, and they want to claim him for their own, their trophy for being That Bad A Bitch She Could Tame This Bad Boy.

Sometimes I feel like girls look for Checklists, or maybe Arts & Crafts Projects – if they don’t tick all the boxes, there’s still time to fix that. Guess what, girls, a fuckboy is still a fuckboy, and you’re not the one who’s going to change him. Odds are, the girl that’s going to “change” him is the one he happens to be dating when he’s 30 and his Mum just gave him a lecture on settling down and giving her grandchildren.

Does all of this mean you need to stop seeing fuckboys? Probably. Are you going to? Highly unlikely. Should you give your Good Guy a chance? Maybe, only if you want to. As for me, I like my Good Guy, but I like my Bad Boy better. I know I wrote about leaving boys that don’t deserve you, and I still believe that’s the smart thing to do. However, if you can take it, if you realise what is what and you’re prepared to (not) invest, by all means, go for it. Just remember the rules: don’t catch feels, and two can play that came. As for me, I exercise and eats lots of veggies, I got me covered. I’m only in it for the (elevator) ride.